Who We Are

Who We Are

By growing in faith and with faith in growing,

St. Paul's is . . .

an open, inspiring, foundational and leading Christian community, ministering to the people of a diverse and changing Brampton and world.

We celebrate that St. Paul's, with its long history in downtown Brampton, is an open, progressive church.

Passionate people - like you - who search for faith, values, and justice in life are what gives St. Paul's its energy. If we can walk with you on your faith journey or share your questions - give us a call, send us an e-mail, drop in or join us for worship.

We Are Not Alone

We Live In God's World

Come inside and see that we're not a bunch of people who want to hide behind stone walls and stained glass - as beautiful as they might be. Our building is simply a gathering point for us and a beacon to those in need.

We attempt to reach out to God's world through our Food Cupboard, our local outreach projects and by opening our doors to groups and individuals who need space to meet, an ear to listen and something for their journey. Generosity of spirit and resources are a hallmark of our faith community.

We Are Called to be the Church

To Celebrate God's Presence

It begins with our common gathering time on Sunday morning. We come together to worship the one who created us and continues to walk with us. We offer our praise and thanksgiving, but we are also aware that all those emotions that we bring to this place are equally valued.

One of the first things that will strike you is the quality of our music - we look to both the great musical traditions of our faith and exciting contemporary compositions to enhance our worship experiences. Having four choirs and countless musicians helps as well.

Our children participate in A.R.K - Awesome Rotating Kids and our youth have vibrant programs of their own. Even the adults are invited to participate in different study sessions. It's simply a well rounded place.

We Are Not Alone

Thanks Be To God

So don't let this marvelous structure intimidate you. We're full of people just like you - searching to see what God has in store for us. What's in store for you?